Addis ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis ababa

Addis Ababa is both the capital and the largest city in Ethiopia. The country is not know for it’s tourism and either is the capital. With museums, history and a large mountain called Mount Entoto there isn’t many reasons to travel to Addis Ababa. But if you are going to travel to Ethiopia there still are things to see. The culture is unique and, people are friendly, there is great food and amazing coffee.

Top tourist attraction of Addis Ababa

The National Museum of Ethiopia is much more fun to watch from the inside than it is on the outside. With mostly historic pieces from Ethiopia and discoveries from the country it is mostly for real history lovers. But the main piece of the museum is ‘Lucy.’ 40% of a 3.2 million years old skeleton hides in the museum and it is the oldest evidence of where humans come from.

Must try food - Injera

Injera is know all over Ethiopia and is a dish you have to try when going to Addis Ababa. Injera is a sour fermented flatbread and is often enjoyed with different kinds of wat and stew. Because of the 3 day fermenting process of the bread the dish is not just something you prepare in a hurry. It takes time and preparation but it’s worth the wait.

By Rama - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0 fr,
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