Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town

The South African capital is home to more 4,5 million people. Even though it is the capital in South Africa it actually shares the title with the two cities Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Cape Town is a great travel destination as it both offers great cultural city life and natural experiences just outside of the city. With opportunities both to dive with Great White Sharks and explore old castles Cape Town is a city with activities for everyone.

The Forbidden City

Top tourist attraction of Cape Town

Coming to Cape Town you just need to explore the ocean. Whether it is going for whale watching or diving in a cage with the Great White Shark. If you want something just in between these to you are going to love going on a Kayak Adventure. Here you will have the opportunity to see both dolphins and the cute seals that often play around in the water.

Must try food - The wines of Pinotage

South Africa and especially the area surrounding Cape Town is known for their high quality wines. South Africa even have their own grape variety called Pinotage. The grape is a crossing between Pinot Noir and Cinsault and was made in South Africa. The wines made with Pinotage are know for being full bodied with notes of chocolate, spice, oak and rubber. Try the for yourself with a great meal by the side.

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