Manila, Phillipines

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The capital of The Philippines with a population of almost 2 million people is not the first place you would visit as a tourist. But Manila is definitely worth a visit for the culture loving tourist. The city is packed with friendly locals that would love to help you around or sell food, souvenirs or clothes from the many local markets. Being a large city Manila still manages to have a wonderful park in the center of the city.


Top tourist attraction of Manila

The Manila Cathedral is the mother of all churches in The Philippines. It’s an impressive and historic building that have been damaged several times as the original structure was built back in 1851. Currently the cathedral’s structure is the eight structure and was completed in 1958.

It should be mentioned that the nature of the Philippines surely also is worth seeing when exploring this beautiful country.

Must try food - Street Food

Manila street food is a must try. Because of the city’s location near the ocean there is a wide range of delicious sea food to explore while the tradition Philippinese cuisine still is available to try. There is no other thing to do than find a local market and go crazy with the local food.