Oslo, Norway

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The capital of Norway is a cultural capital. With many museums and stunning architecture there is plenty of things to do. If museums and building isn’t you i recommend renting a car and take a drive to some of the magnificent lakes and rivers around the Norweigian Capital

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Inside the famous and beutiful Frogner in Austria you find Vigeland Sculpture Park. All around the park you can see 650 sculptures in granite, bronze and wrought iron. The large park allows for a great picnic while taking a look at the many sculptures.

Must try food - Smoked salmon on brown bread

The seas around Norway and the rivers within Norway are stacked with salmon. A must try dish is therefore smoked salmon on brown bread. You will find different restaurants with different salmon dishes all around Oslo. Every single one of them is worth a try in my opinion. 

Actually Norway is also known for a huge production of farmed salmons. Some of them tastes delicious but many are grown only for profit and are almost unhealthy for you. It should be said that the production are getting much more eco-friendly and healthy these days.

Smoked Salmon
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