Tokyo, japan

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is one of the world’s most moderns cities due to a WWII and a large earthquake in 1923. Surely the city’s infrastructure and design will impress the most people and if not the fantastic Japenese cuisine surely will. Sushi, wagyu beef and ramen is only a few of many specialties in Japan.

Top tourist attraction of Tokyo

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a must see for tourists. It is the main residence for the Emperor of Japan and no wonder why. The Tokyo Imperial Palace stretches around 1.15 square kilometers and what you see on the picture to the left is only the main palace. Also the big park surrounding the palace and the museums are definitely worth a visit as well. Remember to enjoy the view standing from Nijubashi Bridge and looking to the main palace.

Must try food - Sushi

Sushi have grown to be one of the most popular and exclusive dishes all around the world. Even though it’s not believed that Sushi originates from Japan it is still seen as the capital of the world wide famous dish. And yes you have probably already tasted sushi but it’s highly recommended to try a real sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

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