Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and have just about 9 million citizens. And although Dhaka may not be your number one travel destination the city still has lot to offer. There is a lot of cultural history and you don’t want to miss the temples, mosques, forts and churches.

Top tourist attraction of Dhaka

The Lalbag Fort is one of the best places to go in Dhaka. It dates back to the 17th-century where it was started by Prince Mohammed Azam. Inside the fort you will find a small museum with calligraphy and paintings.

Must try food - Panta Ilish

Panta Ilish is a traditional food of Bangladesh. The story behind is that almost every Bangladeshi eats this dish on the first day of Bangla year. The dish consists of leftover rice soaked in water with fried hilsa, achar, and dal. Actually this is a dish you would eat in the morning.

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