Rio De janeiro, brazil

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rio de janeiro

Even though Rio De Janeiro might be Brazil’s most popular city it is actually not the capital and only the second largest city in Brazil. With almost 7 million citizens Rio De Janeiro is still a large city and there are plenty of attractions.

Top tourist attraction of Rio De Janeiro

No talk about Rio De Janeiro without the great ‘Cristo Redentor’ or Christ The Redeemer. The 30 meter tall figure stretches it arms 28 meters wide and is visible in most of Rio De Janeiro when weather conditions is good enough. Take the 3.5 km long trail up to the statue while walking through Tijuca National Park.

Must try food - Feijoada

Feijoada is a traditional local food originally adapted from “the food of the slaves.” The dish is often associated with the colonial population of Rio De Janeiro. The dish is made by black beans and different parts of the pig made into a stew. Different places add som extra topping but the main dish is made from pig and black beans.

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