Copenhagen, Denmark

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The small danish capital is a wonderful tourist attraction. With many historic buildings like Rundetårn, Amalienborg and Christiansborg there is many things to discover. Also a must see is the small place called Christiania. A small city inside of Copenhagen claiming it’s own independence known for being a place for hippies and often with marijuana sales places on the street.

Top tourist attraction of Copenhagen

Amalienborg is home to the Queen of Denmark and is a must visit when travelling to Copenhagen. Try and time your visit so you see when the guards are changing positions which is a beautiful sight. When you feel like you have seen the caste there is just over 1km walking to reach The Little Mermaid that is a unique and legendary piece of art.

Must try food - Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is a classic danish dish. It is often made on rye bread with different delicious topping. Try it with egg, fish, roast beef or some of the many other opportunities. To find a restaurant that serves Smørrebrød you will have to look after some of the more old and classic restaurants in Copenhagen often with checkered tables.

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