Berlin, Germany

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The tourist attractions of the german capital Berlin is very much affected of World War II. But although there is a lot of history from older days the city is also home to amazing building like The TV Tower, The Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. Also you should not miss a nice walk trough one of Berlin’s many parks and gardens.

Top tourist attraction of Berlin

There is many different places around Berlin to explore the history of World War II. One of them is East Side Gallery which is the longest remaining stretch of the and the largest open air gallery in the world with over 1 kilometer of art. Don’t miss the chance to see ‘Deadly Kiss’ that is considered one of the best known paintings in the world. If you want to discover more history places like Checkpoint Charlie, The Berlin Wall Memorial and Postdamer Platz.
As mentioned Berlin offers a lot of things I recommend trying this tour for a historical tour in Berlin.

Must try food - Currywurst

This is definetely a must try when visiting Berlin. Currywurst is basically a sausage with a special sauce made by 3 simple ingredients, ketchup, Worchestershire sauce and of course curry powder. The dish isn’t expensive and is availabe everywhere around Berlin.

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