Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires

As the largest city and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a bucket list city when travelling around South America. With a mixture of both stunning nature, historical landmarks and cultural buildings Buenos Aires have lots of different activities. And with many other things do do around the country of Argentina you are in for a treat when traveling to the south American country.

Top tourist attraction of Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada is home for the the Argentinian president. It actually translates into ‘Pink House’ maybe inspired from the white house of The United States. You are not only supposed to see the beautiful building. When you are finished watching the building of Casa Rosada you should enter Casa Rosada Museum. The museum contains art, artifacts and exhibits dating back to the days Spain ruled the continent.

Must try food - Asado

Asado is the national dish of Argentina and actually means that you are attending a barbecue. In Argentina it refers both to attending a barbecue and the dish itself. Usually it consists of beef but also lamb, chicken and pork is used for the dish. Asado is surely a recommendable dish and is a must try when travelling to Buenos Aires.

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