London, England

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London is one of the worlds most popular travel destinations and for a good reason. The beautiful capital of The United Kingdom both offers royal building, fantastic shopping streets, stunning parks, great food and museums. Choosing what to do in London is going to be your biggest problem as there is so many great attractions.

Buckingham Palace London

Top tourist attraction of London

Buckingham Palace might be on of the most iconic buildings in Britain. The majestic building was constructed in 1837 and is the Royal Family’s residence in London. Time it right and you will be able to see the Changing of the Guards. This spectacular event happens at 11.30am all year around no matter the conditons. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the well coordinated Changing of the Guards.
When you are in London a visit at Stonehenge is also very recommnedable

Must try food - Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips are all over the pubs and taverns of London. Here you’ll enjoy a nice meal of Fish and Chips accompanied with a large beer to get full Pub experience. The dish is super simple and is really just fried fish with fries on the side. Or as they call it in England, chips.
Another dish you should definitely try out is a classic English Breakfast.

Fish and chips
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