Ha long, Vietnam

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Ha long

Ha Long is a city that lies on the stunning Ha long Bay and have a population of just over 200 thousand citizens. The city is mainly known for the amazing nature Ha Long Bay offers and it’s no wonder why. There is thousands of opportunities for exploring the fantastic landscape. Go biking, diving or enjoy one of the many cruises. There is no excuses allowed for you not to enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Top tourist attraction of Halong

A Cruise in Ha long Bay is a must do when visiting the city. There are many different companies to choose between and different routes to go for. The majestic landscape with around 2000 islands will amaze everyone and make this a sight you will never forget. Don’t miss out on the many diving opportunities or even night fishing for squids.

Must try food - Halong Bay Oysters

Every day there is caught thousands of oysters in the bay. These are often grilled and seasoned with salt, pepper, onions and lemon. Also you can enjoy the oysters fresh caught with lime juice squeezed over or some drops of Tabasco sauce.