Los Angeles, USA

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Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood, many famous actors and almost 4 million people Los Angeles is the second largest city in The United States. L.A as it is often called is situated at the  west coast of North America and therefore the city offers both natural attractions on the ocean and city life. Of course the city is famous because of ‘Hollywood’ but when you travel to Los Angeles you have much more to discover. Go to Venice Beach, visit Santa Monica Pier or see some of the many museums around the city. Also you can go fishing in the ocean. Here you will have the opportunity to catch a broad variety of fish and meanwhile take a look at Los Angeles city. Fishingbooker is a super easy way to book your fishing trip.

Top tourist attraction of Los Angeles

The Hollywood is surely a must see when going to Los Angeles. You have the opportunity to see the Hollywood sign, go for a walk on Hollywood Boulevard and try finding your favorite actors on the Walk of Fame. If you know your celebrities and you are lucky you might even be able to spot some famous people. To get a full tour of Los Angeles you can take a full day tour to see all the iconic sights.

Must try food - Choose yourself

Los Angeles isn’t really known for any specific or historic dish but is home to many different restaurants. Both fast food and more fine dining is easy to find and you will not be disappointed. There is a variety of local restaurant and a quick research around the locals will find you some of the best places really fast.